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De impact van web original content

31-10-2010 - Door Hilde de Jong

Youtube en Next New Networks (Amerikaans platform voor web series) publiceerden een onderzoek waaruit blijkt dat kijkers van voor het web gemaakte programma’s meer betrokken zijn dan traditionele televisie kijkers. Geen wereldschokkende conclusie, maar wel interessante cijfers…
The value of Web original content

The research uncovered that viewers place considerable value on Web original content; 54% of those surveyed who have watched Web original videos deem them to be just as, if not more, entertaining than what they view on traditional television.

While they consider online video entertaining, those surveyed regard this content as its own category and not directly comparable to what is available on television. They define these types of videos as original, having fewer boundaries, and adaptable to individual viewing schedules. Additional insights into the value of Web original content include:

* 60% watch Web original video content weekly;
* 58% see Web originals as providing quality entertainment whenever they want it;
* Over one quarter of viewers find Web original content to be more entertaining than traditional television.

Video engagement
Viewers revealed a high level of engagement with Web original series due to online video’s unique capabilities. Specifically, viewers are 2.5 times more likely to be fully engaged in online video than their counterparts who watch traditional television programming. Furthermore, the research found additional evidence of viewer engagement: more than half read comments from other viewers, while 41% rate the videos they watch.

Web original viewers pay more attention to this content than traditional TV viewers pay to their viewing medium. The study uncovered the number of viewers who spend time completing other tasks while watching Web originals vs. TV:

* Surf the Web: 37% Web original viewers vs. 60% TV viewers;
* Talk to Others: 28% Web original vs. 52% TV;
* Do things around the house: 19% Web original vs. 52% TV.

The social aspect

Online video is both social and viral in nature; three quarters of viewers said that they use email, social networking sites, or conversation, to tell others about their favorite Web originals. These findings underscore that viewers of Web originals are a valuable and engaged audience, which advertisers have yet to fully capture. Most Web original video viewers tell others about their favorite Web original video titles:

* 4 out of 10 viewers share the videos with others;
* Number of viewers who email the link: 37%; post to Facebook or MySpace: 36%; while those who share on Twitter: 10%.

Who is watching online video

According to recent Nielsen reports, the average age of television viewers is over the age of 50. However, this research revealed that 18-34 year old Web original viewers constituted 65% of the National sample, 73% of the YouTube sample, and 90% of Next New Networks’ sample.

Not only does the coveted 18-34 demographic spend many hours viewing video online on a regular basis, but the research shows that this time spent with online video and Web original content leads to less time with TV. Web original video viewers spend 13% less time with TV than non-viewers.

bron: Next New Networks


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