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30-09-2011 - Door Hilde de Jong

Een interessante portie leesvoer: het online kwartaalblad van Google. 'Think' is een plek waar experts, leiders en Google's eigen visionairs hun kennis en inzichten delen over 'what's to come'. Thema van de laatste editie is PEOPLE:  "Information is inseparable from the people who are creating it..."

"Think back to the first time that you went online. Browsers were clunky. Having enough bandwidth to watch video was a pipe dream. Connecting online with people you knew was hard.

How things have changed. There are two billion of us connected to the internet across the globe. By 2020, there will be five billion people accessing the internet on over 50 billion devices – phones, tablets, TVs, even refrigerators. The internet is information, but information is inseparable from the people who are creating, consuming, and sharing it. And the web is no longer anonymous – it’s built on real people and their connections, opinions, and ideas.

This issue of Think Quarterly is people talking about people. We hope that the diverse spread of thoughts and opinions helps you connect with your customers, your employees, and the human soul of your business."

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