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The Bedouins: Skateboard Artivism

31-01-2012 - Door Hilde de Jong

Gespot in The Guardian: Dit artikel van Jake Hanrahan over 'The Bedouins'. Dit kunstenaars- / skaterscollectief is na eerdere projecten in India en Jordanië nu in Tunesië neergestreken om 'vrede te brengen' met hun skate skills. Inspirerend!

...As the dust of Tunisia's jasmine revolution settled, some may have found it difficult to see the potential of bullet-riddled buildings and a swimming pool full of rubble. But not one troupe of skateboarders and street artists.

Known collectively as the Bedouins, the Middle East-based crew – consisting of between 10 and 20 members – aims to bring residents of conflict zones together through the medium of skateboarding and art. Their first jaunt was documented in a film called Sour, which saw Jordanians and Israelis jumping the cultural divide to ride with each other in the midst of the 2006 Lebanon war. Following suit, the wily skaters went in search of post-revolution skate spots in Tunisia and unearthed a goldmine – Imed Trabelsi's abandoned mansion.

Trabelsi, the former construction minister of toppled dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali and the nephew of his wife, was chased out of his mansion by protesters angry at his corrupt dealings within Tunisia's political ranks. After Trabelsi fled, the Bedouins took root in the once immaculate mansion and turned it into a makeshift skate park and street-art exhibition in a single day. The result was a den of graffiti and reinvented architecture, purpose-built with the aid of locals who emptied the pool and built up concrete cambers at the corners to make it skateable....

Lees het hele artikel hier. Check ook de sites van The Bedouins en het PUSH Tunisia Project.

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